Volunteering w/SVFCH 
  (Formerly Silver Valley Habitat)







Volunteer Opportunities with Silver Valley Fuller Center for Housing

            SVFCH volunteer opportunities exist in three main areas.  One is by serving on a committee, another is by serving as a board member, and the third is by helping with construction.  For information on the time and skill involve with the committee and board work see the Individual Volunteer page.


Committee members are recruited frequently.   To get a feel of what these committees are now doing and who the chair people are go to Committees.

Board of Directors

            Affiliate board members are selected by the local organization.  The board should represent the whole area with people with a variety of experience.     Our officers are shown on the Board of Directors page. 


            Our volunteers work on the construction site with our homeowner families.  We are loosely organized by both task and time.  A volunteer can sign up for

v  A work crew that works a particular day of the month, or

v  A task team that works whenever we have a given type of work to do, or

v  Simply calling to see if there is work before you just “walk on” the job site.

We generally work every Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM and some other days.  Look on our event calendar.

If you are on our mailing list, you can read where we are working in our monthly newsletter.  Call Verne at 682-3240  before coming or drop by to see if we have something for you to do.


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