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What is Silver Valley Fuller Center for Housing?

SVFCH is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry, a covenant partner with the Fuller Center For Housing, Inc.  Our goal is to eliminate poverty housing in the Silver Valley.

How Does It Work?

  Our Volunteers work side by side with selected families, who are required to work an average of 6 hours/week (“sweat equity”) until their home is completed.  When the home is completed and all requirements have been met, the family buys the home with no profit to Silver Valley FCfH, and with a no interest loan.

The Fuller Center draws people of all walks of life together with the common goal of eliminating poverty housing.  This is only part of the goal, though; FCfH also builds partnerships and community.  People of all beliefs come together and get to know each other.  Friendships are formed and love is shared in the act of building a house.

“‘The Theology of the Hammer' is that our Christian faith (indeed, our entire Judeo-Christian tradition) mandates that we do more than just talk about faith and sing about love.  We must put faith and love into action to make them real, to make them come alive for people.  Faith must be incarnated; that is to say, it must become more than a verbal proclamation or an intellectual assent.  True faith must be acted out.”                                                     
 Millard Fuller, Co-Founder of The Fuller Center for Housing

"Greater Blessings Program" helps homeowners with repairs.  We are asking for contributions and help for this effort since the homeowners will pay forward (whenever they can) for our costs.

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