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  Fuller Center for Housing covenant partners are non-profit organizations recognized by the IRS under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue codes.  Each local partner, in its drive for funds, must raise many thousands of dollars to build even one home.   Your firm can make a donation locally to Silver Valley FCH  or the Fuller Center for Housing, Inc. an international housing ministry--you can designate where you wish your funds to go.   

Mortgage payments on these homes roll over into the construction fund for more local homes thus increasing our ability to serve the Silver Valley.   When these homes are sold to our homeowners they become part of the tax base for the area--contributing to funding for local infrastructure.

 Contributions to SVFCH will be listed on the Appreciation page.  

Here is some of a crew from
 Coeur d’Alene’s Target Store that traveled 60 miles to paint this Habitat home.
      Photo by Bunton Studios

Your Firm Can Partner With Us By

Becoming a Full House Sponsor.  Either financially and/or by constructing the home.

Sponsoring a Portion of a Home.  You select what section you prefer to sponsor and/or construct.

Providing a Work Team during Home Construction.  This helps bond your employees together.

Contributing Materials.   Construction or office materials are sorely needed.

Contributing Financially.  We accept stocks and other liquid securities as well as cash.

Making Pro Bono Donations.  Accounting, Computer Technical Support Services, Construction Leadership, Estate Appraisals and Sales, Investment and Estate Planning, Legal Services, Professional subcontractors, etc.

Organizing an Idaho Group to Help Build Homes in Third World Countries.  These trips create unforgettable memories.  Prepare to be changed!

Donating Warehouse Space .  We often have to forgo accepting materials for lack of storage.

Organizing a Fundraiser for SVFCH.  These can also be fun raisers.

Providing Committee Members. Although low population based affiliates often build more home per population than larger affiliates, they almost always need more volunteers. 

There are committees for Church Relations, Construction, Family Partnering, Family Selection, Finance, Hospitality, Public Relations, Resource Development, Site Selection and Volunteers.  For more detail in this area see Volunteer Opportunities.

Creating Another Way to Help Us.  Coordinate with us and do your own thing!

If your firm would like more information on the above partnering possibilities or would like a Speaker to visit your group please contact us at Silver Valley Fuller Center for Housing, PO Box 874, Kellogg, ID 83837 or email us at

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