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Construction and Partnership Committees meet together.  
Below:  The newsletter workshop stuffs, labels & sorts the monthly newsletter for mailing.  
                                     Photos by Judy  

 "Two thirds of the work is done by committee members."



Church Relations

Family Selection

Family Sponsor


Fund Raising


Public Relations

Volunteer Coordinator

[For more information see time & skills needed chart.]

Construction:  The people on this committee schedule the construction work,     review the house plans, obtain the permits, order and procure construction materials, arrange for inspections and make sure we have supervision on the job site.    Chair Bob Larson 786-9741

Family Selection:  This committee recruits and screens potential homeowner families.  
Glory Carlile at 512-2825

Partnership  These volunteers work directly with our homeowner families, putting together training sessions, developing family budgets, monitoring sweat equity, and sharing the joys and responsibilities of successful home ownership.      Chair Glory Carlile at 512-2825

 Family Sponsor:  Someone who will act as a liaison between the family and the Partnership Committee—serving as a friend of the family.     Chair Glory Carlile at 512-2825

Greater Blessings  These volunteers work with the homeowners selected for our help with home repair.  Chair Judy Blalack 682-3240

Public Relations:  The people on this committee have a variety of skills.  They publish our newsletter, write press releases, organize the booth at community functions, make speeches to community groups, and generally keep the public aware of the need for low income housing and the Fuller Center’s program. Chair Judy Blalack 682-3240

Fund Raising: These volunteers are responsible for planning and organizing our fund-raising.  They are assisted by the Board and many project volunteers.  Within this committee is our grant writer who researches and writes requests for various grants.  Chairs Judy Blalack 682-3240

Site Selection:  Always on the lookout for land, these people are responsible for accepting donated land or buying it.  Chair Duane Little 786-7572

Church Relations:  These people work with area churches to support our program with funds, fund-raisers or construction projects that use church members. We need a Chair--call 786-6013 to volunteer.

Finance:  The Treasurer, Bookkeeper, and data entry people are members of this committee.  Chair Brandy Davis 691-8001

Volunteer:  The Volunteer Coordinator and helpers contact volunteers for the various projects including construction.  We need a Chair--call 786-6013 to volunteer.

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