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                                                              P O Box 338
                                             709 Main Street
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Kathy McPeak and Trudy Roberts dish up the great food for the diners at our 25th Annual Pig Roast.

New Hours at the ReUse Store
 9 to 5  Wednesday - Saturday
If there are volunteers!
Call 786-6013 to be sure.

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 "Greater Blessings Program"

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At this time we are holding applications for homeownership 
until we have more volunteers to help

We are accepting applications for home repair with our 
Greater Blessings Program

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   Apply for home repair

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at the ReUse Store 
          (call 786-6013)

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          for Organizations
          for Individuals

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          with RV Builders

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              Our Annual Walk-A-Thon, 9 AM,
       September 16th, Kellogg Middle School

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!!!  Our Accomplishments  !!!

Note the new siding on our 20th home we have helped new homeowners buy in our Valley.  This will soon be John "Boy" Delaney's after it is well insulated and the inside is finished.  Crews of the Servant Adventurers learned to install siding as they worked on the house.

John Hopper used a ball fixed to the center of his bucket to attached to the hitch on Krista Kirby's future trailer.  He moved it to the same location as the ruined trailer home.  We will sign the mortgage paperwork when the sewer, lights, and water are hooked up and she can move in.

Gordon Milholland works on the electrical system in the Osburn house.  Gordon is in the "catch up" mode since recovering from being very ill with food poisoning.  We are very fortunate to have his help.



















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