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                                                              P O Box 338
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The Haynes family members are our 19th homeowners.  Jessica signs for the deed to be notarized by Danielle Reynolds at the US Bank in Kellogg.  Waiting to also sign the legal papers are President Don Taylor and Secretary Ellie Arguimbau. 

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Four hundred eighty one tickets were collected for the Annual Pig Roast—the most we have ever had.                                              Photos by Judy

Some of the Fuller Center Bike Adventurers help a crew of Idaho Servant Adventurers from the Shoshone Mountain Retreat.  They are working on the Greater Blessings roofing project at the Larson home in Kellogg.

The Fuller Center Bike Adventurers have a photo shoot before heading off toward Lewiston.  They seated Verne in the center while Judy, R’Gean, and members of the breakfast crew of the American Lutheran Church join in their positive gesture of success for their trip.



























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