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  (Formerly Silver Valley Habitat)






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                                                              P O Box 338
                                             709 Main Street
                                         Smelterville, ID 83868


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Board members, family and friends enjoy camaraderie  at the annual Christmas Potluck held at the Mountain View Congregational Church.

New Hours at the ReUse Store
 9 to 5  Wednesday - Saturday
If there are volunteers!
Call 786-6013 to be sure.

ReUse Store items for sale

 "Greater Blessings Program"

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At this time we are holding applications for homeownership 
until we have more volunteers to help

We are accepting applications for home repair with our Greater Blessings Program.  

Apply for a home
   Apply for home repair

    Volunteer & Partnership Opportunities 
at the ReUse Store 
          (call 786-6013)

          for Churches
          for Organizations
          for Individuals

          for Businesses
          with RV Builders

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Fuller Center for Housing, Inc.

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Verne apologizes to those who are waiting for him to pick up their larger items they want to donate.  This is usually accomplished after the store closes at 5 PM or on Sundays, or whenever he can get away.  But, we have no working trucks.  We desperately need helpers to pick up and make deliveriesówe can help with gas money.
Call 682-3240 to volunteer.

Ellie Arguimbau and Mary Lou Kinsey entertain with Christmas music at the annual potluck.

Jeff Crawford of Systems Design helps rescue Melody Darg from the sub zero cold by replacing her furnace in our Greater Blessings program.

Linda Amonson captures a great shot of Jackie Kannegaard and her granddaughter, Rachael Kannegaard helping with the newsletter mailing.















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